Monday, September 16, 2019

Our Weekend In The Rearview Mirror 9/16/19

Three days of rest can be summed up simply. It was retail therapy for the girls, rest and reading for me and lunch one day with dear friends.

Saturday was travel day from Tanner Williams on the west side of Mobile to Beams of Light Holiness Church in Cantonment north of Pensacola, Florida. The route we took was 102 miles and took us a shade over 2 hours.

A travel day, long OR short, requires the same amount of work for Kelly Jo and a lot of the same amount of work for me. However, less driving is good, always good.

Parking at Tanner Williams is always pleasant. It is so beautiful there and we are looking forward to being back there for Homecoming revival in about two weeks. It can be a touch challenging to back out of the parking spot, but KJ has it under control.

I have a short dashcam clip of her backing the bus through the tight spot like a pro, but Blogger says it is too large to load here.

When we pulled into the Beams of Light parking lot, we unhitched the car and saw that Pastor Phillip Deane (Dr. Phil) was waiting on us. We exchanged greetings all around and then he helped us get parked.

After we were parked and hooked to electric, we loaded up with Bro. and Sis. Deane and went for a great meal and even better fellowship. We love these people so much.

Sunday consisted of two more terrific meals, a whole bunch more great fellowship and two wonderful services. Preaching in the building with the air condition blowing cold air almost seemed like cheating after several weeks of tent revival, but I was able to push my way through the guilt.😏

We always love coming to Beams of Light. We have many years of good memories with these dear friends and we look forward to being here every chance we get.

May God bless Dr. Phil and all of these fine folks.

We have tent revival coming up next week in Richton, Mississippi so we will only be here through Wednesday night by God's grace. Come be with us if you can. Services are scheduled to begin at 7:30.

Thank you for joining us today.



  1. Bout time ya'll made it back to Mississippi..Can't wait to see you..sure have missed ya'll..Signed Uncle Larry

    1. Hey, Friend. Great to hear from you. We will be in Mississippi soon. Hopefully we will see you in Richton Tent Revival next week.



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