Thursday, September 19, 2019

Dashcam Incident

We have captured some interesting events with our dashcam since we began using it a few years ago. Right out of the box it captured a guy brake checking me on the interstate. I saw it coming so I was already on the brakes and in no danger of hitting him, but I was continually pointing up at the dashcam.

I could not see the look on his face when he realized he was busted by the camera, but the video plainly showed the smoke from his tailpipe as he mashed the skinny pedal on the right to get away as quick as possible.

The camera has also captured numerous near misses, people passing on a double yellow line, multiple drivers with zero merging skill and driving knowledge, the suicides or near suicides of several animals and a whole bunch of people giving me the signal that they think I am the number one preacher on the highway because I could not magically merge into thin air in order to make up for their lack of planning.

Two weeks ago the dashcam captured an accident. On our way to a tent revival in Pine Prairie, we witnessed an accident in Ferriday, Louisiana. It was a four lane city street, two lanes each direction. We were in the far right lane approaching a signal light. There were some cars in the left lane and it looked like the first car in line was waiting to turn left.

The first car, a white one, turned left right into the path of a car coming from the opposite direction. Ouch! T-bone!

Neither KJ or I actually witness the impact, but we both watched as both cars slid together and came to a halt. The guy coming from the other direction had both hands in the air and a look on his face that said, "What in the world just happened?" or "I cannot believe he just did that." or "Holy Cow! I just paid my car off yesterday!"

It did not appear that anyone was hurt in the accident. Once I realized the dashcam took it all in, I thought the Ferriday police might be interested in the video. Nope. The Ferriday police, the Parish police nor the State police acted as if they had any interest in the video of the accident at all.

Maybe it was too cut and dried to need any video evidence, but I have watched roadside Louisiana justice up close. If I was the guy in the oncoming car, I would welcome some proof that the guy I just t-boned made an illegal left turn on a right into my path and it was not my fault. I am sure his insurance company might be interested too.

Here is the clip. The action begins at about the 8 second mark and happens quickly.

Thank you for tuning in to Mile Markers today. Be safe out there.


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