Monday, April 15, 2019

Weekend In The Rearview Mirror 4/18/19

Friday was a family day and the final day of preparation for departure. We met Kelly Jo's parents for lunch (One last hurrah for Salsa) and then KJ and Odie spent the rest of the afternoon with them. I stopped in to see my parents for a bit and then worked on taking some things out of the bus and into the barn and then doing the reverse shuffle with a few other things.

Odie spent Friday evening with Lisa. The lady on the right looks like another first cousin of mine named Missy.

About the time we finished with most of our work, my brother Steve stopped by on his way home from work and visited for a while. We neglected to get any pictures, so maybe we only dreamed about it.

We were only traveling 3-4 hours Saturday so there was no need to rush to an early morning start. I finished up a little last minute preparation then cranked the bus about 11:30, turned it around and pulled up next to the house to pick up Odie. Once the car was hooked up, we pulled out about noon.

Kelly Jo noticed on Google Maps that there was a huge slow down on I-75/I-71 south of Cincinnati as there was when we came north a week before. We took I-471 to I-275 and then used US 42 to cut down to join I-75/I-71 again. It was the exact reverse of the route we took going home.

On 42 we rolled up behind this truck with a nice looking turkey in the back.

(This paragraph has been edited to correct a factual error in the original post.)
I was admiring the turkey when Kelly Jo wondered out loud if it was turkey season yet. Originally I stated here on the blog that turkey season was not in, but on further review, turkey season started on Saturday in Kentucky! This guy got a nice big turkey on the first day of the season!😀

Our only stop of the day was for fuel at Loves in Sparta, Kentucky. Soon we were pulling into Calvary Holiness Church near Brooks, Kentucky. First, we pulled up next to the church and unloaded our sound equipment.

After that was taken care of, we parked the bus, hooked up the utilities, set up the sound and then settled in for breakfast, lunch and supper.

We have preached revivals here in the past and we have always had a wonderful time. They were building a new sanctuary the last revival we were here and it is now completed beautifully. I will try to get some pictures of it this week.

Also, Bro. Doug Webb, the long term Pastor at Calvary for years, transitioned into evangelistic work and now his son, Bro. Philip Webb is the Pastor. We are excited to be with them and all the fine folks at Calvary again.

Here are some pictures from a revival at Calvary in 2012.

Once we were well fed and settled in, Pastor Philip Webb and his wife, Sis. Janelle brought us a beautiful welcome basket and refrigerated food as well. It is amazing! Thank you, friends.

The Sunday services were fantastic as we imagined they would be. Odie was on the job and snapped a few pictures along the way and I will post them below and then close this long Mile Marker.

Thank you for joining with us today. May God bless you with a great week.


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