Friday, April 12, 2019

A Week Flying By

It has been a fast week in Ohio. We have enjoyed lots of eating, working, churching and family time. Odie has enjoyed her space and Kelly Jo and I have been so lonely in the bus that we could cry. 😭 Hopefully, we can survive until Odie gets back on the bus tomorrow.

We have had several trips to Acapulco this week and a trip yesterday to a Mexican grocery in Miamisburg to meet our pastors for lunch. That adds up to Mexican every day for lunch and KJ prepared tacos for supper a couple of days. We will definitely be in withdrawal for a week or two.

The rest of the week has been filled in with church and catching things up on the Lazy OD Ranch. It has been a great week.

Monday Bro. Bennie and Sis. Jane Sutherland came to meet us for lunch. It was a real treat to have them.

Dad put Odie's address numbers on the house. I guess she officially lives somewhere now. At least the pizza guy can find her!

Odie baked some sugar-free and wheat flour free cookies. She may make a cook yet!

Odie is furnishing her rooms one piece at a time. There is really no hurry. She could have put a regular bed in the second bedroom, but for the time being, it will be used for other things and only occasionally a guest bedroom. She did not want to waste floor space.

She found a Murphy type bed that stores away in a chest. We ordered it a few weeks ago and scheduled delivery for when we were going to be home. Dad, Kelly Jo, Mom and my sister Theresa put it together one afternoon.

Odie "paid" for the bed assembly with a trip to Chili's. She let me go because I mowed and spread Weed and Feed over her yard.

More Acapulco! Wednesday we met Pastor EJ Lamb and his family at Acapulco for lunch. We love spending time with these precious folks too.

We also heard from our tax lady Wednesday and finished all of that up before the deadline. Ugh! Now we have a month to complete our tax forms for Boggs Family Ministries. Super Ugh!

Wednesday night we went next door to sing and preach at the invitation of Pastor Kelly Rogers. We really enjoyed the service.

Thursday we drove toward Dayton to meet Bro and Sis. Sutherland and Bro. Gary Lee at a Mexican grocery that has a walk-up restaurant inside. We neglected pictures, but I did get one of Kelly Jo about to eat some super hot salsa. It was no challenge for her at all.

And I have one more picture of tacos that Kelly Jo prepared for me.

That pretty much wraps up the week. Today we will finish a few more projects, as the rain allows, eat some more salsa and prepare to leave for Kentucky tomorrow.

Thank you for reading today.


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