Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Vintage View Vednesday Ohio 1999

Last Wednesday we finished up the vintage pictures from our accidental vacation in 2005. The original journey was treeeemendous and I enjoyed it all again going through the pictures all these years later. That was a great spontaneous trip. I really hope you enjoyed the pictures.

I told my girls after I put up the last post from that time, that I did not know what in the world I would post after all of that. How do you top Yellowstone, Glacier, the Metzger's, Washington, Oregon, the Redwoods, California coast and the Burris family? There is no way it can be done. You just have to move on, right?

I was looking through pictures and found some from nearly 20 years ago that might be of interest. They sure interested me. We moved to Wichita in order to Pastor New Horizon Holiness Church in 1999. 

We drove back and forth on weekends for a few weeks until we could get our house up for sale and put a few things in order. When we moved, a bunch of guys from Dryden Rd came to help us load our truck. I found a couple of pictures from the day we moved out of our house in West Carrolton, Ohio, but none of the actual moving.

Here is Odie sitting on the front porch, ready to go.

We put the house up for sale before we moved, but it took several months and a realtor change to sell it. We were in Ohio for revival at Dodds in October of 1999 and we took a few pictures of the empty house. I had forgotten that we had these.

We had just remodeled the kitchen. We painted the cabinets, put on new cabinet doors, new counters and new tile floor.

This was our music room off of the kitchen at the back of the garage. It was probably designed as a dining room, but we filled it with instruments and songs. A few hit songs were written in this room.😀

A glimpse of Kelly Jo's Carribean Blue utility room and half bath.

We also had some pictures from the same visit home of my Dad and Mom's place and the church at Dodd's in the same folder.

Boy Howdy! Those pictures bring back some memories!

Thank you for joining with us today.


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