Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Weekend In The Rearview Mirror 4/2/19

The drive from Easley, South Carolina to Vonore, Tennessee is between 4-5 hours in the bus. It is barely 100 miles as the crow (bar) flies, but they have not built an interstate through the Smoky Mountain National Park yet. Going up and around by Ashville, NC was 213 miles and took us 4 1/2 hours as expected.

I told you yesterday about the projects we completed on the bus the afternoon we arrived in Vonore. Next up was to feed our hungry stomachs. KJ had a hankering for Chili's and we happened to be only 19 miles away. Guess where we went?

Thursday night we waded into bookwork and that tore the rest of the night into little bitty pieces. But we did get a whole lot accomplished and we are very thankful for that.

Friday the girls went to town on business and pleasure while I stayed behind at the bus for mostly the same. I piddled some with the bus projects and also prepared some for the weekend. Mostly, I rested. It was a good day.

Saturday we settled up with Jeff and made the short drive to Oak Ridge. It was interrupted by an interstate stop at Ruby Tuesday's. It is sometimes difficult to find a sit down restaurant with room for the bus, but this one at exit 81, Lenoir City on I-75 is doable. It has a gravel lot across from it.

For my future reference: The bus in the picture above is directly across from the Ruby Tuesday's parking lot. It is probably not big enough to turn completely around in if I am towing the car. If this lot is full, I can turn left right before I get to it and go back to the road either through the Krystal's parking lot of the next lot up.

Not long afterward we were parked at the hotel in Oak Ridge.

New readers may wonder why we would stay in a hotel with the bus out in the parking lot. That is a good question.

Number one, we can not get the bus to the Beechfork Church and there is no place to park it once we are there. If you have ever been there, you understand. It is situated in a beautiful place, but it is Not bus friendly.

Number two, the closest campground to the church that is suitable for the bus is 35-40 minutes from the church. It is an absolutely beautiful resort type campground on the lake and we love it. 

We have stayed there many times, but by the time we go to church, to eat/fellowship and back to the bus, we are doing a 65 mile 1.5 hour loop each night. Plus we usually drove to meet someone for lunch in Oak Ridge each day for another 50 miles 1.5 hour loop. That is 3 hours of driving each day.

Number three, the bus has been in for work at Jeff's the last three years so we rented a hotel in Oak Ridge, 20 minutes from church and across the street from the fellowship hall/Shoney's.

The bus is with us this year, but we can rent a hotel for not much more than the beautiful campground on the lake and save a whole bunch of driving. The driving is the most important factor.

The hotel has a huge parking lot here and I am going to ask a manager if I can park the bus in the lot next year and stay in it for a fee. That would be even better! The weather is nice this time a year and we could probably get by with 10-15 hours of generator time for 5 days.

Kelly Jo and I took the sound system to the church and set it up Saturday evening. That saved us a bunch of work Sunday morning. We had a great crowd Sunday morning and a good service. Sunday night was great as well.

We have been preaching at Beechfork for over 30 years now and we love all of these people so very much. Bro. Herman and Sis. Margaret Woods are like an extra set of parents to us and we love being with them and all of the wonderful Beechfork folks.

We have two more nights of revival. Please come be with us if you can. Thank you for reading.


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