Thursday, February 28, 2019

Frozen Key Lime Pie on a Stick!

Well, I am writing to you from beautiful Key West, Florida this morning. We closed a great revival and had a few days to kick back and chill. We wanted to go to the south Pacific, but we only have a few days and did not want to spend most of our time on a plane. We decided a quick little jaunt to Key West would be perfect. Odie took a plane to Ohio and we headed toward the sunshine.

I find myself watching the waves roll in while sitting on the patio of a little beachside cottage. I glance down at the neglected blog I am trying to type on my laptop and notice my tie has pictures of green and blues striped oysters and clams on it. Where did I get this tie? Did I wear this tie to church? 

A tie? I find myself wondering, Why do I have a tie on? I am dressed in my suit and tie with flippers on my feet and snorkeling equipment on my head. I am just now noticing what a weird combination that is when a rogue wave crashes over the low seawall and

Wow! That dream did not end so well!

I must say that dream is a whole lot better than some of the nightmares I have been having about buses. 

While the bus was running good a couple of weeks ago, I dreamed I was laying down behind the bus and someone reached up in the engine compartment to see if it would start. It started in gear and lurched forward. 

Kelly was close by so she jumped into the bus to steer around other vehicles and people in the campground. She did not even think to hit the brakes, just steer. I started immediately running at an angle to meet the bus on the trajectory she was going. I was jumping over hedges and flying like a deer. As I reached the door, she saw me there and jumped out as I jumped in.

I immediately hit the brakes, but I had the tent trailer hooked behind and I crashed through a small barrier and was headed down a steep hill. I pushed the lever for the trailer brakes and it looked like I was going to get stopped before I blew through a red light and four lanes of traffic at the bottom of the hill. That is when I woke up in a cold sweat.

Bus dreams are actually catching. I am not the only one having them. A dear friend told me the other morning that he was worn out. He and I had crawled all over the bus all night long in his dreams tracing wires and checking voltage, but had not found the problem.

I guess I could talk about reality.

Reality is that I am trying my best to concentrate so much on trying to have revival that I find myself having a hard time launching into a full scale description of the latest bus saga. I told the church in Ellisville that I want to be an instrument of revival and I have a hard time doing that by talking about the bus all the time. My nerves do so much better when I concentrate on praying and preaching.

Back to more dreams of Key West and frozen Key Lime Pie on a stick!

Thank you for reading today.


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