Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Middle Age at 48?

I posted this picture in yesterday's post about our weekend at White Plains Holiness Assembly. This is Sis. Graham with me in the picture below.

Sis. Graham and her husband started this church many, many, many years ago. Bro. Graham was still pastoring the first time we were here but he passed away several years ago. He was in his mid nineties when he died.

I always enjoy visiting with Sis. Graham while we are here. I love to listen to older saints and try my best to glean all the good information I can. I have loved that since I was a boy listening to my Dad talk with my Grandpa Isaacs who was born in 1902. Since we lived closer to my Dad's parents I was also blessed to visit with them and hear the stories they had to tell from decades of living. 

While we were visiting Sunday Sis. Graham told me she turned 96 years old this past December. 96 years old! Can you imagine all of the things she has seen and experienced since 1918? In those 96 years of life knowledge in the world has increased at an amazing and mind boggling rate.

I realized that at 96 she is almost exactly twice my age since I turned 48 in January. I often say that I am probably way passed middle age because I am not likely to live to be 96. I can not imagine living 20 more years most of the time much less 48 more years.

Sis. Graham said that somebody said to her recently that they did not think they wanted to live to be 96. She replied, "Well, I didn't ask for it, God just gave it to me!" What a great sense of humor.

What will the world look like in 2063? I can not even imagine God tarrying that long. In fact, I am looking for Him every day. IF time lasts and IF I live 48 more years, I hope I am able to travel and preach revivals because I am sure the world will still desperately need to hear the Word of the Lord.

In 2063 the BoggsMobile will be 68 years old and will have 969,680 miles on it at the rate I am going. That is not unreasonable for a bus. I think the BoggsMobile has a better chance of making it 48 more years than I do!

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