Thursday, January 31, 2019

The BoggsMobile and Kelly Jo

They pushed the BoggsMobile into the shop at Prevost Houston about 1:00 PM Wednesday. They were planning to begin the work on it a little later in the day. Once it was inside, Kelly Jo and I grabbed our things and headed back to Sweeny.

We had gone to the bus yesterday morning so that Kelly Jo could work on erasing the effects of the whirlwind that blew through the bus on Monday. When the mechanic wanted to access the engine from the floor in the bedroom there was only one choice, everything had to be removed from the under the bed. 

There was a lot of stuff under the bed!

When all was said and done, I had stuff all over the kitchen counter, the bathroom counter, the shower and in Odie's bunk. There were also things in the floor on one side of the bed and at the end of the bed. The mattress was standing on the couch wedged against the ceiling.

All of that proved to be unnecessary, but there was no way to know that at the time. The people that converted the bus had built the bed in such a way that getting to the built-in access into the floor was nigh unto impossible without removing the whole bed. 

We could not see that without removing all of the things stored under the bed. Once we could see the floor, there was really no reason to have taken everything out. The access panel could not be reached from there.

The bus was supposed to go into the shop sometime Wednesday and we knew that the inside of the bus might not be easily accessible after that. We decided it might be best to try to straighten the bus now rather than later. If we waited until we had moved back into the bus, it would be a double hardship.

We drove up Wednesday morning after the traffic had time to clear. When I first looked at Google maps it was showing over way over a two hour trip. By the time we went, we made it in an hour and 24 minutes. Much better!

My little Kelly Jo is a trooper and a miracle worker. In about 90 minutes or so the effects of whirlwind Davy had been erased and I was helping her put the mattress back in place and making up the bed. I could not believe the difference in such a short amount of time.

One Pastor used to brag on Kelly Jo 20 years ago. He said repeatedly that she was the best evangelists wife he had ever had in his church. I told him yesterday that he should see her now!

Wow! What a lady! 

Here we are broke down in Texas with all of our things scattered between the bus and an evangelist quarters 80 miles away. Our life feels like it is in disarray. That bus is not only our mode of transportation, but it is our home. It is not running. It is in the shop. It is not coming out without major work. We have already canceled one revival.

There is a lot of uncertainty. There are a lot of things that could go wrong. That is enough to kill most women and men. Lesser mortals would be putting their evangelist husband's name in for Pastor at a church and calling for a vote quick!

Kelly Jo not only tends all the duties of keeping a home going in a constantly mobile and changing environment, but she cares for me and sees to the needs of an adult child that needs extra attention. She also manages all of her responsibilities during the revival, the ongoing responsibilities of keeping the business side of the ministry caught up and the general cares of life, while knowing it is going to take the hand of God to pull us through.

Is she falling apart? Is she an emotional wreck? Is she in turmoil? Is she in distress? Is she sliding into despondency? 

NOPE! She is solid as a rock. She is ready to go. She is believing God. She is ready to run on. She does not seem to be one ounce discouraged!

She is incredible! That is what she is, wildly incredible!

Kelly Jo makes me believe I can climb mountains. She makes me believe I can pull all of this together and make it work. She makes me believe that she believes in me.

Yes, sir! I know we are going to climb over this big bump in the road. 

First, I know that God is in control. 

Second, there are a bunch of people talking to God about this. 

Third, I know God has his hand on Kelly Jo and Kelly Jo's hand is at my back. 

We gonna make it fine.

Thank you for reading today.


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