Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Boyd Sisters

Hey Friends,
This is Odie reporting in from Texas. This week we had a great four days with our friends in Gainesville at House of Prayer! I thank God for meeting us in revival!

Sweeny, Texas is our current location. Revival began last night at Lighthouse Full Gospel. We are glad to be here with Pastor Larry Lamb. He and his church people always welcome us so warmly!

Some of you know that we had a little bus trouble on the way here. Thank you for your concern. We are all OK. I am sure that Dad will fill you in Monday.

The Boyd Sisters 

I have been going down memory lane since our recent visit with the Boyd Family in Sterlington, Louisiana. Bro. Tracy and Sis. Shea have been our friends for a lot of years. We do not get to cross paths with them often but we love it when we get to see them. I remember them visiting us in Ohio before their family grew to include 3 beautiful daughters.  

Dayla, Darah and Kaylee were my friends from the beginning. We have several great memories of our times together both in Sterlington and other places. They were my helpers when they were little. I also remember them loving to walk with my crutches or try out my wheelchair. It has been a pleasure to watch them grow from precious little girls into wonderful young ladies! Below is a look into the archives from a past trip to Sterlington. 

Odie and Dayla 

Darah and Odie with Kaylee photobombing.

Kaylee and Odie 

Early on each of the Boyd girls demonstrated a love for God! They have used their amazing talent of singing for God, leading others in worship. Their music ministry has encouraged many people. I am so proud of them and I am honored to count them as my friends.

It was so good to be with them again last week. They are now wonderful women. Our visit came to end way too quickly. I had a blast with them and I hope to see them again soon.

I am extremely grateful for the blessing of friendship and it is wonderful to know that I have friends for the long haul. I deeply value my special friendships! The Boyd girls are some of the sweetest friends a person could wish to have on their friend list. Dayla, Darah and Kaylee, thank you for being my friends. I love and appreciate you all!

2019 Pictures
Odie and Dayla 

Odie and Darah 

Odie and Kaylee 

The Boyd Sisters and Odie 

Dayla and Darah both married their Prince Charmings in 2017. I am so thankful that God blessed them with good husbands! Bro. Tracy is proud of his Son In-Laws. 

Dayla’s husband Cody in on the left of Bro. Tracy and Darah’s husband Will is on the right.

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me. It is a pleasure to have you here. I hope you a wonderful weekend. 


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