Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Our Weekend In The Rearview Mirror

This is a review of the weekend. In Monday's post I was caught up in bringing you up to date on the bus breaking down and being towed. I will give you the latest on that at the end of this post.

Our Weekend In The Rearview Mirror
The weekend was not all bus stuff. No, Sir! The weekend was mostly revival. We began revival at Full Gospel Lighthouse in Sweeny, Texas as planned Friday night and stayed in the evangelist quarters. Staying anywhere besides the bus is a lot of work for Kelly Jo and is inconvenient for Odie, but we are very thankful that Bro. Lamb and his folks have a place for us to stay.

If not for the evangelist quarters we would be driving 20-30 minutes to stay in a hotel or driving back to the bus. It is 80 miles to the bus. That takes one hour and 25 minutes after church. Looking at Google maps and the mess of Houston traffic, it could very easily take two hours +++ to make the same trip at the wrong time of day. Yes, thank God for a place to stay.

The services Friday night, Saturday night and both times Sunday have been very good. I am writing this Monday at the bus, while I am waiting on the mechanic. I am believing that service Monday night is going to be the best yet.

God was very good to us this weekend in revival. He helped me put aside any outside concerns and sing and preach like He has called me to do. No one wants to hear me bellyache, moan and complain about how bad things are going in my life. No! I am here to preach, uplift and encourage.

I want to encourage Pastor Lamb. I want to encourage the saints in Sweeny. I want to preach the Gospel to visitors that join our services. How can I do that while I am wallowing in self-pity and despair? I can not do both. It is either preach or pout, minister or moan.😁 I choose to preach and minister and the Lord helped me to do that. The Lord helped all three of us.

I know I will continue to need His help, but He is faithful.

We enjoyed visiting with all of the people too. Some of the smaller kids are getting older and we are having a blast. There is a new baby too and we got to meet him Sunday morning. You will see some pictures of him below.

Davy and Pastor Larry Lamb

That pretty much wraps things up for the weekend. Thank you again for praying for us. 

Bus As of Monday Afternoon
A mechanic from Mid Coast Diesel arrived Monday morning and went right to work. I had driven up to the bus Sunday night after church so I was waiting on him. 

The codes from the engine matched the alert on the Detroit Diesel and he began to suspect the wiring harness between the computer and the fuel injectors. He cleaned a bunch of connections, wiggled the wiring harness and the big Detroit 60 series fired up.

It ran rough for a minute while getting fuel in all the right places and then it smoothed right out. He was watching the fuel injectors on the computer while it was running and all was well. We let it idle long enough to get the temperature to near normal operating temps. Everything on the computer looked perfect and there were no problems at all.

Then he wiggled the wiring harness and the engine nearly died.

Yep, the wiring harness is bad. There is supposed to be an access panel in the floor near the back of the bus so you can get to the valve covers from above. That access was covered completely by the people that converted this bus to a motorhome and it sure looks like the whole bed contraption has to be removed.

They are looking at sliding the motor out instead and I am waiting to hear back on the final decision. As of Monday afternoon they are trying to locate the correct wiring harness too.

The excitement level has kicked up another notch or two and so has the potential for despair, but we are very thankful that we have a diagnosis of the problem. God has us all in His hands. That is the safest place in the world I know to be.

I could hardly wait to get back to the church Monday afternoon. I arrived about 4:20 and Kelly Jo and I went straight to the sanctuary and laid across the altar. The Spirit of the Lord immediately saturated us and touched us so sweetly. I do not talk much about my private time with God, but I tell you this because it was an incredible encouragement to us. Hallelujah!

I am praising God for His help Monday night in revival service too. He is great and greatly to be praised!

Thank you for reading today.


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