Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Vintage View Vednesday Family Summer 2003

Last Wednesday's post was family themed with my nephew Luke's birthday, so I thought I would follow that with more family photos. All of these are from the summer of 2003, our first year back on the road. Looking at some of these pictures makes my head spin. All these kids are so young.

The first batch of pictures was taken during our first outreach revival in the holler where my Mother was raised in Kentucky. Some of these are from the homeplace where she lived. Do you recognize anyone in this group of pictures?

These were taken on Father's Day on a visit to Penn Station (Not the transportation hub in NYC)

There were taken during a family get together that included my family and Kelly Jo's family. It was probably the Monday before Dryden Rd. Indoor Fellowship Meeting in August 2003.

That is it for this episode of Vintage View Vednesday. Thank you for tuning in.



  1. Lovely pictures & the first ones remind me of my grandmother & her home in the Blue Ridge Mtns between Elkton & Ruckersville, VA before the government created the Park Way....

    Frankie Shiflett

  2. Wow, Frankie, those sound like great memories. Pictures do that to me too. They transport me to another time and place.



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