Monday, January 21, 2019

Our Weekend In The Rearview Mirror

You remember when I had to have a crown re-fastened to a tooth before we went to Nigeria? I went back to the dentist that put it on originally. Of course, the crown falling off was all my fault so I had to pay to have them do it again.

Two months go by...

Wednesday morning, it fell off again. Pastor Boyd called his dentist to see if he could fit me in. He did not have room in his schedule but an associate dentist in his office was able to see me. I went in first thing Thursday morning and Dr. Mallory Debnam fixed me up. The only picture I got was the front of the building.

Friday we finished our Mexican food tour with a return visit to Amigo's. The chips were great, the salsa was good and the tacos were excellent! I think Amigo's takes the prize. I loved the chips and the salsa at Fiesta Linda and the street tacos were very, very good. But the street tacos at Amigo's were even better than very, very good and they have Chorizo Tacos too. Fiesta Linda does not.

Friday night was the last night of revival in Sterlington. We appreciate Pastor Tracy Boyd and his church having us for revival. We enjoyed the food, fellowship and fun tremendously. We love these folks and we loved revival!

Here are a few Friday night pictures.

After church, we loaded everything in the BoggsMobile and hit the road. I had already emptied the tanks, unhooked the water hose and hooked up the car before church. We were rolling by 10:20. 

Most of the drive was uneventful although it was raining much of the way. We were driving west into thunderstorms and the wind really picked up the last 40 miles. The wind made driving unpleasant and I am very glad we did not have to contend with it long.

We droved 274 miles that night to a Walmart in Terrell, Texas. It took us nearly five hours including a fuel stop toward the end of the drive.

We laid down about 4:00 AM for a few hours rest. Terrell, Texas was not a random destination. It was on our route to Gainesville, but it crossed the route of the Isaacs as well. They were singing with some other groups in a very nice school performing arts center. We were not staying for the concert, but we did take time for lunch and a few hours of visiting.

We had a wonderful day, but we took no pictures at all. How in the world did that happen? Perhaps we dreamed the whole visit. Without pictures, maybe the visit did not happen at all.

We left Terrell about 5:00 PM and rolled into the House of Prayer in Gainesville, Texas right on schedule at 7:00 PM. Guess who was waiting for us at the House of Prayer?

Yep, our dear friends from Pauls Valley, Oklahoma Bro. Bruce and Sis. Priscilla Mayhan.

They helped us load in and get parked. Then we moved the fellowship to Chili's and then back to the church to get set up and do a quick sound check. It was awesome to have our friends with us. They were even able to stay over for service Sunday morning and lunch. It is always wonderful to see them. I am sure we will probably see them down the road soon.

We had two great services to begin revival Sunday. We love to sing and preach here. This is one of the best places to preach. 

Our first revival here was in February 2003, nearly 16 ago. A young man was celebrating his 16th birthday Sunday and I think we were here for the first Sunday he attended after he was born. Time is getting away from us, but we sure are having fun.

We have enjoyed a bunch of great times during all these years. These saints have become friends and family to us. 

We are only here until Wednesday this week. We are expecting the Lord to help us in these next three nights. If you are in the area, come see us. Pastor Dennis King and the whole church would be thrilled if you could come.

Thanks for reading today. I hope you had a good weekend.


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