Monday, January 7, 2019

Our Weekend In The Rearview Mirror

We spent Friday in good hands with our friends at East Tennessee Luxury Coach in Vonore, Tennessee. The BoggsMobile needed a few things and Jeff and his guys took care of it. 

The main thing was two new front tires. The tires on the front had been on the bus since June 2016. They moved them to the tag position and discarded the tag tires. I probably could have gotten six more months out of the tag tires, but I hate to take chances with tires. I have seen way too many videos and pictures of what a blown tire can do to a bus or motorhome.

Now we have two new tires on the front and the fronts are now moved to the tag. That should do me a couple of years.

Jeff has a very nice Prevost XL for sale at a very reasonable price. The stainless on this bus is beautiful.

But there was another bus that caught Kelly Jo's attention from the moment we drove in Thursday afternoon. Although I prefer stainless on a bus, I must admit, this may be the most beautiful bus I have ever seen up close and personal. Wow!

The bus belongs to an acquaintance of ours and although I told him Kelly Jo was willing to trade even, he did not go for it. I do not think he had any need for an old bus OR an even older preacher she was willing to let go in the deal.😀

We left Vonore a little after 5:00 PM Friday evening just as a storm was blowing through. The first thing we had to do was find a little diesel. We stopped at a Pilot station just north of Chattanooga and took care of that. Traffic in Chattanooga was heavy, but we made it through.

We spent the night at a pretty quiet rest area on I-59 near Steele, Alabama about 200 miles from Vonore. Although Friday was not a stressful or difficult day, it felt really good to crawl into bed after a nice hot shower.

I took this Saturday morning before we took off.

Saturday we had a terrific driving day. For most of the day there was very little traffic and when there was traffic, it was moving at a good rate of speed. We made super great time and before we knew it 300 miles had flown by. I love days like that. Not all driving days are enjoyable, but Saturday certainly was. I wish for more driving days like that.

The Apostle Donald C. Williamson and his wife the Epistle met us for a late lunch/early supper at Sonny's BBQ in Mobile. Kelly Jo had been craving Sonny's for a couple of weeks and I was glad to indulge her craving and take in a few ribs myself! It was so, so, so good and we hope to go back before we leave this area.

We had a great meal and a refreshing visit with Bro. Donnie and Sis. Gayla. These folks have been our dear friends for many years and we treasure their friendship and the time we get to spend together. It sure was nice of them to make some time for us.

From Sonny's we were about 35 minutes through the woods to Forts Lake Assembly. We parked, wired into the electrical panel, carried in our sound equipment, set up, got a quick sound check and had a great time with Bro. and Sis. Cauley. In all the excitement, it was 10:00 PM in a flash!

After a good night's rest, we hit Sunday at full speed ahead. We always have good revivals here and I believe that Sunday's services are a great indication of good things to come this week. Odie and Kelly Jo took a few pictures at Forts Lake.

That wraps up our wonderful weekend. Thank you for spending a few minutes with us.


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