Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A Beautiful Sanctuary

We have been coming to Forts Lake Assembly for many years and we love preaching revival here. We appreciate Pastor Tim Cauley inviting us. The facilities at Forts Lake are always well kept and the sanctuary is beautiful. Here are a few pictures of revivals over the last few years that gives you a glimpse inside their beautiful church.

The foyers had been remodeled when we were here last year and they are stunning. I remember posting pictures of the foyers then.

The last few months the Forts Lake congregation moved into their fellowship hall so that they could make way for a remodel of the sanctuary. Believe me when I say, they took it up a whole other level higher with the remodel. It is gorgeous! There were a few pictures in yesterday's post and some of you might have noticed the difference. Today I went over, turned on the lights and took some pictures for comparison.

I was knocked back on my heels when we entered the foyer and saw the doors into the sanctuary and again when we saw the windows!

The accent lights in the baptistry can change to any color they want.

The sanctuary may seem dark in these pictures, but there is plenty of light. I had dimmed them to reduce the glare.

We are three services into revival and it has been good so far. If the preaching gets better then I am sure the revival will be even better. Help me pray about that!

Thank you for tuning in today.


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