Monday, January 14, 2019

Our Weekend In The Rearview Mirror

Note: Last week I ask for prayer for my Mother. She said to tell everyone thanks for praying. She still has some tests to be completed, but she is doing much better, thank the Lord! We appreciate you taking her needs to God in prayer.

I hope you had a great weekend. I guess our weekend was pretty typical. A little driving, a little work, a little food, a little fellowship and a lot of church. Pretty much exactly like we love it.

Friday night we had a wonderful crowd on the final night of revival at Forts Lake. It was great to see so many friends from the area and even a couple of hours away. They were all a great help to the service and God gave us a good last night.

After church we visited with friends while taking down and packing up the sound equipment, loading up and cranking the BoggsMobile. By the time Kelly Jo and Odie went out the door, the bus was pulled up by the road waiting for them. We had a hard time saying goodbye to everyone, but after a while, we were the only ones left and it was time to go.😎

May God bless Pastor Tim Cauley and his folks for their kindness and hospitality to us. Here are a few pictures from Friday night at Forts Lake Assembly in Moss Point, Mississippi.

It is only 325 miles from Forts Lake to Sterlington, Lousiana so the drive was not that bad. We normally would not have left Friday night. However, I wanted to stop in Jackson, Mississippi at Speedco and get the oil changed in the BoggsMobile. If there are too many trucks in front of us, we can be there half a day. We pulled up in front of the door a few minutes after 2:00 in the morning so we would be first in line when they opened.

I had called ahead to see if they would mind if we did that and they did not. Swell! At 7:30 I unhooked the car in the rain, cranked the bus and at 8:00 AM I was ready to pull in when the door rolled up.

The bus is so dirty and the engine is dirty, but here it is in the shop.

Even if I get my oil changed at somewhere besides Speedco, I bring a sample from my used oil to Speedco to have an engine oil analysis. This gives me a look at the health of the engine by examining the oil. I supposed it is akin to having blood drawn at the doctor. They can tell a big bunch about your health by analyzing your blood.

My last oil change was at this same Speedco in Jackson. Their engine oil analysis machine was out of order at the time. I saved the oil sample from that change and was going to have them run analysis on both samples. The machine ran the sample from last year perfectly. The sample from Saturday's oil change was inserted and the machine promptly went on strike. 

I guess I will stop somewhere down the road and get it done. Good news from last year's sample though. All things looked good!

It rained on us the rest of the morning.

About 10 minutes before we exited I-20 at Monroe, the rain stopped and the sun came out. Hallelujah!

We pulled into Sterlington Holiness Tabernacle about noon, unloaded the sound equipment, parked, did a soundcheck and then went with Pastor Tracy Boyd and some of his precious family to eat. What did we eat? Mexican of course!

The Sterlington Holiness Tabernacle has a beautiful facility.

Kelly Jo and I did bookwork most of the evening Saturday. January is a big month for bookwork, but this was only the normal stuff. We have many more days of that ahead in the coming weeks.

Sunday morning rolled around and we were ready to be in a great day of services with our dear friends here at Sterlington. We have been coming here for many years and we have known the Boyd's many years before that. It is wonderful to be with them all again. God blessed us with two good services and we are anticipating it getting even better.

That brings you uptodate on our weekend, but I do have one more picture. Steve and Karen sent Odie a picture of the Lazy OD Ranch taken on Saturday, that you may be interested in.

It was cool and rainy here in Lousiana yesterday, but I am so glad we are not in that snow.

Thank you for reading today.


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