Friday, February 1, 2019

Revival In Pictures - Sweeny, Texas

The bus work is going as planned at Prevost Houston. I was up there for a few hours on Thursday and I plan to go back today. There is nothing really that I can do, but I like being close and I love to see the mechanical side of it. I may be all thumbs mechanically, but that makes others doing it well even more fascinating for me.

The revival was scheduled to close here in Sweeny last night. However, since we could not make it to the next revival in Elba, Alabama due to bus difficulties, Pastor Lamb asked us to stay on a few days here. We will be here for service tonight, Saturday night and their regular services on Sunday by God's grace.

I have been having myself a time preaching this week. I am not completely sure that translates into good preaching, but it sure has been fun to try. I am looking forward to the next few nights.

Bro. Lamb and his folks have been so very good to us this week. We appreciate them having a place for us to stay. It has saved us a lot of trouble and expense. Having a kitchen has kept us from having to eat out all the time too. May God bless them bunches.

Odie has been getting a few pictures of the folks each night and we present them to you now in this Revival In Pictures post.

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