Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Monday, New Year's Eve

There was no need to hurry Monday morning so we pulled out from HPC in Hodgenville at a leisurely 9:30 AM.

Kelly Jo took this picture of the new church Sunday night. It is going to be beautiful!

I think we only made one stop on the way and ran into zero traffic slowdowns. So 185 miles later we were pulled into West Harrison Pentecostal Church in West Harrison, Indiana at about 12:30. Steve and Karen helped us load in and get a sound check. We were leaving by 2:00 to go grab some lunch.

You know we love salsa at Acapulco in Lebanon, Ohio 4 miles from the Lazy OD Ranch, right? There are a few other Acapulco restaurants in this region that are sort of related. They are all owned and operated by a conglomeration of individual relatives. There is one about 20 minutes from West Harrison so we went there to check it out.

Verdict? The salsa is very similar and pretty good. The best I can tell, it has a touch less cilantro and it also has a dash of chili powder. I can do without chili powder in my salsa, but I did not let that stop me from drinking a few bowls of it. The two restaurants share many similar menu items and the food was pretty good.

We told the manager we are fans and frequent visitors to the Lebanon Acapulco. He said that his brother is a brother in law to the wife of Jorge that manages the Acapulco we know and love in Lebanon. Got that? Good!

This is my good friend, Jorge.

Service began Monday night at 8:00. There were several churches represented and it all totaled up to be a wonderful crowd. We had service until about 10:15 and then had soups and sandwiches in the fellowship hall. 

A few minutes before midnight we went back into the sanctuary and worshiped as the old year faded away and the new year began. I do mean worship! It was awesome!

I appreciate my dear friend, Pastor Wade Hicks inviting us to sing and preach their watch night service. We truly enjoyed it all. They helped us sing. They helped me preach. And they had church right along with us. What more can you ask for?

After the service, we loaded everything up, cranked the bus, hooked up the car and pointed the BoggsMobile toward the Lazy OD Ranch. I think we pulled into the barn about 2:15. It is a nearly  3:30 AM now. I am preparing to hit the publish button and lay my little head on the pillow.

Before I go, I want to say what I special honor and privilege it was to have Steve and Karen on the bus with us this weekend. They were a big blessing to us and a blessing to the churches we visited as well. I have talked about Steve in churches all over the country and it is nice to begin introducing him and Karen in person. 

We absolutely loved having them along for short 600 mile weekend in three great churches. Steve and Karen, you are completely welcome any time.

Thank you for checking Mile Markers today.



  1. Happy New Year my friends... We got a kick out of Kelly playing Grandpa Mayberry's Big Bass Fiddle. Hope to see you soon in 2019. KJ, we still need a cruise director for May. Free mouse ears included.

    1. My bag is packed and ready to go.
      Have passport and will travel!


  2. Davy, this was a very good story indeed & really so nice having Steve & Karen aboard. Y'all have a Blessed-YEAR EveryYear !~!, YO_Frankie.

    Frankie Shiflett

    1. Thank you, Bro. Frankie! God bless you this year. I hope our paths cross along the way. I promise to honk before I hit you!🚍 😁



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