Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Vintage View Vednesday Boggsblogs Birthday

November 7th was the 9th anniversary of Mile Markers preceded the blog by a few years, but migrated here when we discovered how easy it is to post here compared to the old website we had. 

We have posted a bunch of pictures here in 9 years. Odie thought it would be a good idea to post a few of the first pictures for our Vintage View Vednesday.

Our photography standards have always been pretty loose around here, but it is interesting to see how much they have improved, thankfully. Some of these are painful, but here they are.

Our very first post. A Ron's Double Big Daddy!

photo.jpg (400×300)

The same day I tried publishing a post by email and it worked. Here is the picture.

We began the blog as an experiment to see if we could update our friends back home while we were in Nigeria. It worked well and here we are all these years later.

Our luggage ready for our second trip to Nigeria.

The next post was a picture of Odie with my parents at the Dayton airport. You must go to the post and read the comment that I only discovered Monday. Hilarious!

Once we started the trip, I could only send in one picture at a time by email. I posted dozens of times during our stay in Nigeria, one picture at a time mostly. 

Cruel and Unusual Punishment. Advertising the lay down flat First Class seats on the seat back screen in the cattle section.

23 hours later we arrived at our hotel in Abeokuta!

A tasty lunch!

Hotel staff

Praying for Odie at the hotel.

That should give you a taste of the first few days of pictures when this blog began in November 2009. I plan to schedule three Vintage View posts with 2009 Nigeria pictures while we are gone to Africa this time. We are never sure how much connectivity we will have until we arrive so it is impossible to say how much or little we may be posting.

Thank you for tuning in.



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