Wednesday, November 23, 2016

GoodNews Christian School, Abeokuta 2016

Tuesday was a very full, busy and satisfying day. Bro. Shobanke picked us up in the morning and we went straight to the GoodNews Christian School. We spent a big part of the day there and we enjoyed every minute of it. 

As I have mentioned earlier, from the moment Bro. Shobanke mentioned his desire to begin a school, we have been 100% on board. There is so much potential to touch and change young lives and the families attached to those lives with the school.

Sis. Rebecca told us today that they accept students from nominal Christian families, other branches of Christianity and Muslim families. They are very straight up with the parents that this is a Christian school and that they will teach them the Bible, how to pray, how to worship God and how to live holiness before him.

God has been and is even now working in many of these families. The children obviously love the school, the teachers and the instruction. They quote Scripture, they pray and they sing with all of their strength about loving Jesus.

It is amazing. I believe in what they are doing now more than ever. I am very thankful we were blessed to spend part of our day there. 

This is what we saw when we drove up this morning.

We visited each classroom and spoke to the children and posed for a picture. Kelly Jo has a good time watching the small children react to the big white man. Some of them want to get close to me immediately and others are not too sure.

Then we toured the new classroom building that is under construction. They are making good progress on it. It will have two very large classrooms and it can be divided into four classrooms.

They have planned ahead by building the foundation and the walls in such strength that a second-floor can be added later. They need this room now and about $1500 can finish the first floor. We are leaving that amount with them so it can be completed as soon as possible.

This is the last building Ithat can be built on this property. They are praying that God will give them one of the pieces of property next door so that they can expand in the future.

This generator runs the lights for the school building. They have public electricity here but it is unreliable. They also have a hand dug well and city water.

Then we gathered in the church for a great presentation by the students. The children demonstrated how each of three of the major tribes in Nigeria worships God. They did so well.

They also had other songs, scripture quoting and even a young man preaching on faith.

It was a very well-planned and well executed program. We enjoyed it very, very much.

I said a few words, mostly crying, because they had grabbed a hold of my heart and squeeze all the juice out of it.

Then we passed out candy to all the students and staff and left a little extra for them later. That is always a lot of fun.

During the program they also presented Kelly and I with medallions as the Patron and Matron of the school. They are so thoughtful and sweet.

Here is the Beautiful group picture.

Here I am with most of the staff. Sis. Ruth is missing from the picture.

Sis. Rebecca asked me to pray for each of the children as they exited the building and went back to their classes.

Bro. Samuel is Sis. Ruth's husband.

They live in a house built on the school grounds. We went there next for a beautiful lunch prepared by Sis. Rebecca and Sis. Ruth.

Then we presented the large suitcase full of school supplies that we were able to bring to Nigeria. Kelly Jo actually spread the supplies over several suitcases so we had much more than 50 pounds of supplies.

This is the fourth year we have been able to provide a suitcase full of supplies for the school. We are also leaving a little money with them this year to buy additional supplies.

Sis. Ruth and Sis. Rebecca make sure that the school is run properly and we are so proud of them. We have been supplementing their salaries the last few years and we are continuing to do that as God helps us to do so. It is an honor to be able to do it.

We appreciate those that helped fund the school supplies and also those that sent money to help with the building project. I wish you could see for yourselves the little lives that are being touched and changed every day at the GoodNews Christian school.

They made a video thanking you but we will have to wait till we get back to the states to post it. God bless you all.

We had another great service in the Gospel crusade Tuesday night and we will post more about that next time. Thank you for reading.


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