Friday, November 23, 2018

November 23rd From Nigeria

Thursday was the first day of the Minister's Conference at Christ Ambassadors Holiness Church in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. It was a great day indeed! The conference is for Pastors, evangelists, teachers and all other kinds of church workers. A good number of folks showed up Thursday and the Lord honored us all with His presence. We must have His presence to make having church worthwhile. It was definitely worthwhile today.

After our long day Wednesday, we went to bed way too early. Our heads felt thick so going to bed seemed like the best thing to do. KJ slept a little less than 5 hours and I slept almost 6. We were up for about 90 minutes and I was able to eventually go back to sleep pretty well. Kelly Jo rested but did not sleep anymore. At least we are sleeping some, even if we are not sleeping at the right time.

We were ready to go when they picked us up at 9:30.

Hello, Bro. Shobanke!

Oh! Here is the real thing.

We are praising God for His help Thursday. We will have two more sessions of the Minister's Conference today and two more on Saturday. Tonight (Friday) I have been invited to preach at a camp meeting service for another group of churches. They are in various parts of Nigeria, but the combined meeting is this week in Abeokuta.

They acknowledged to Bro. Shobanke that the schedule at Christ Ambassadors was too full for me to be able to come, but they offered that I could arrive at 6:00, preach and leave afterward and take our rest. They want me to preach on any subject. Pray that God will touch me.

That is about it for our report today. I think Odie will publish her regular post on Saturday and then I will be back if are still able to connect to wifi at the hotel. Thank you for reading and thank you for praying.


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