Saturday, November 3, 2018

Beach Cottage Visitors and Plunderers

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in from the BoggsMobile. We had a fantastic week at Redemption Holiness Church. It is always good to be with Pastor Leon and Sis. Shawna Rich and their church.

Bro. Leon likes to pick on me endlessly. He always assures me that he only picks on me because he loves me. I say, "Apparently he loves me a lot." I am glad to be able to provide him with entertainment. 😊 Thank God that I survived one more wonderful visit at Broken Arrow! LOL

Today we will change locations, but we will stay in Oklahoma for another week. We are headed to Locust Grove, Oklahoma where we will be in revival at Iron Post. Pastor Kevin and Sis. Teresa Webster are long time friends of our family. We are so glad that we get to be with them and their church family this week. 

Then we will be headed home toward Ohio. My parents will be pulling all of their last minute things together for their trip to Nigeria and then be rushing off. I am anxious to get home and enjoy my Beach Cottage. 

I owe a huge thank you to several people that have helped me while we have been gone. Thanks, Papaw Eugene, for maintaining things, mowing the yard and everything you do at the Lazy OD Ranch. Uncle Steve, you are so good to keep an eye on things for me. Mamaw, I appreciate your help cleaning things up for me. Thanks also to Bro. Jimmy Millikin for mowing my yard! I did not expect you to mow the yard. I am extremely grateful for all the help on the home front!

The Visitors 

Speaking of my house in Ohio, even though I have been gone on the road, I have had visitors recently.  Thankfully they took pictures to document their visits for me.

Dad had to make a flying trip to Ohio last month for a funeral. He stayed in my house and his pictures proved that he made himself at home. I am glad he was comfortable. Did you see pictures from his visit? You can see them by clicking here. I thought his photo session was entertaining.

Then our friends the Millikins were in our area for a couple weeks. I am thrilled they were able to enjoy parking their trailer at the ranch. The house has changed immensely since they last were there during the roofing stage. Mamaw and Papaw made sure that the Millikins could see inside the house. I am excited Bro. Jimmy, Sis. Shauna, Carlie and Landon were able to see my home completed. I was disappointed that I could not be there welcome them myself.

The Plunderers

My dear cousin Deidre and her husband Ben Shoemaker were in Ohio last week for a funeral. They finally were able to see the finished house in person. 

Deidre has had tours via pictures, videos, FaceTime and now firsthand. I am glad that she had the full experience now. She is my cousin by blood and she is my little sister by choice. I supposed that is why she thinks that she gets special privileges to explore things completely. Right now the cabinets and fridge are pretty bare. Pictures show that she had fun plundering and trying out my furniture. 

Well, that is a recap of my visitors and plunderers at home. I am excited to get home soon and check on things myself.

Thank you for spending some time with me today. I hope that you have a great weekend. 


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