Friday, August 11, 2017

House Work This Week

Yesterday I posted pictures from the great revival at Anchor of Hope, but it has been a great week on the house project as well.

I already wrote about the main task Monday and Tuesday of pouring the ceiling in the closet/safe room. I have worked diligently all summer long but two hours on that concrete mixer put my little work into perspective. I think I earned my delicious Mexican food that day!

Tuesday I found out from Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe that another of our friends from the Tulsa area was in northern Kentucky at the Ark and Creation Museum. I reached out to him and Bro. Cleve Silcox, his parents and sister stopped by for a few minutes on their way to Shipshewana, Indiana.

We had a great visit with them and enjoyed catching up a bit. 

Long time readers may remember when we were caught in the historic Tulsa Blizzard at Hilldale Church back in 2011.

You can click on the link above and see pictures while the snow was still falling and then find links on the side of that page to several more posts from that experience.

After several days of digging, it was Bro. Cleve that came to finish digging the BoggsMobile out with his Bobcat.

He and his wife also took us slipping and sliding over to Bill's Jumbo Burgers for a 2/3 lb. Double Okie.

Wow! What a burger!

Ok, Ok I am getting a little side tracked but it has been a while since I have had anything THAT good!

Anyway it was great to see Bro. Silcox and we hope to see the rest of his family soon. It was very nice of them to drop in for few minutes.


Kelly Jo's Dad and Mom arrived Wednesday to begin the paint on the interior of the house. We call them Papaw and Gran but they go by Danny and Betty in most of the rest of the world. 

Danny started by launching into the massive caulking job I created on the vaulted wood ceiling. He is the caulking champion of the world and he was making a massive difference in only a few minutes.

Once Danny had an idea how much caulking he would need, we made a visit to a nearby paint store to pick up supplies and scope out possible prices. I will post more about it later but this local store of a national paint store chain is really helping the house project with some tremendous pricing. Hallelujah!

We parked next to this designated handicap parking spot.

Oops! Someone missed the break. That is concrete around that sign post! Ouch!

We had lunch at Acapulco while we were out with Gran and Papaw and also met Bro. EJ and Sis. Lacey Lamb and their family. They came to the house later for the nickel tour! They are always lots of fun.

Thursday Danny finished the ceiling caulking and started spreading primer. Kelly Jo brought Acapulo to the house which is what I normally prefer when I am working.

Here he is applying the last bit of caulking!

That night my nephews Isaac and Jonas and and friend of Jonas', Grant, help me carry the large sections of cabinets from the garage through the front door into the main part of the house. Hopefully some of these will be on the wall by tonight!

A little sanding closed out another day.

Danny plans to be back today to spread some more paint and then Bro. Ricky Reed from our home church plans to hang some cabinets this evening. Things are taking shape and there is never a dull moment around here!

Thank you for reading.


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