Sunday, August 13, 2017

View Out The Front Window 8/13/2017

Here are the links from our posts this last week.

We drove the BoggsMobile to Anchor of Hope the last night of revival so that it would be easier to load the sound equipment in the BoggsMobile. We did not stay there overnight but this was the view out the front window while we were there.

We were backed into the barn and ready to close the doors before 10:00 PM. I told Kelly Jo that it felt a little weird to close revival, load up the equipment, visit a while, leave the church AND be home so early.

This was our view out the front window before we closed the barn doors.

We can not get the BoggsMobile in the parking lot of the Free Holiness Church in Sharonville where we are preaching Homecoming today. That means we will have to load the sound equipment in the Green Machine before we go. It would be great if you could be with us for service today. It begins at 11:30 and then they will have a fantastic meal at a school nearby.

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