Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bill's Jumbo Burgers-The Double Okie

Last week while still in Tulsa Bro. Cleve Silcox from Bethany Holiness Church heard me talking about big hamburgers from Ron's and Spanky's. He asked me if I had ever been to Bill's Jumbo Burgers. I answered I had not...but I have now.

Bro. Cleve and his wife Sis. Valerie picked us up and took us to Bill's for lunch. He said I needed to order the "Double Okie" so that's what I did. It was awesome! Thanks Bro. Cleve.

You can see the results below.


The Double Okie!

With 1/3 pound burger

With a 2/3 pound burger.

One happy camper!

Bro. Cleve and Sis. Valerie outside Bill's.

This is the whole inside of the place!

The History...

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