Thursday, August 17, 2017

This Week So Far

We worked on the house Monday with Kelly Jo's Dad and left Monday about 2:45 PM to go to Hodgenville, Kentucky. Their Homecoming revival is in progress this week and we were planning to be there Monday and Tuesday nights. We were hoping to miss the traffic in Cincinnati but we still lost about 35 minutes going through.

Cincinnati traffic has always been iffy. There are two major north/south interstates going through miles of city and right through downtown before converging to cross the Ohio River on the same bridge. The bridge has been needing major repair for years. This year they are redoing the bridge AND doing major construction on BOTH interstates.

Whose idea was that? I wonder if they still have a job?😉😉

We made it to HPC with barely enough time to get parked, hooked up, cleaned up and walk into church. The services were outstanding and the fellowship was priceless. We enjoyed being with Pastor Webb and all of the great folks at HPC. Bro. David Brimm and Bro. John Gabbard preached great oo.

We pulled out Tuesday night after church about 10:30. We had a smooth ride home with no traffic problems at all. We parked in the Dodds church parking lot about 1:45 and I was sleeping about 45 minutes later.

We parked at the church so it would be easier to load our sound equipment into the church Wednesday. I was at the house working when Dad came to let us in the church. KJ pulled the bus closer and the three of us carried and rolled in the equipment.

By the time we had the BoggsMobile parked in the barn, KJ's Dad was already painting in the house. He continued priming cabinets and we jumped in sanding, removing drawer fronts and hinges and labeling doors for the right cabinets.

Odie is sanding and Papaw Danny the great paint master is teaching!

Work was winding down about 3:00 so I went to the church to set up the sound equipment while KJ, Danny and Odie were finishing. Kelly Jo helped me with sound check and then it was time to get prepared for church.

Speaking of church, we had a great first night of revival. Praise God for His help. We are looking forward to two more great nights and a wonderful Homecoming service on Sunday. We will have lots of pictures of the revival later.

Thank you for dropping in to sit a spell.


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