Saturday, August 26, 2017

Campmeeting Report From Odie

This is Davy posting for Odie this morning. Here phone went on the blink late last night and has not been cooperating with her since then. She sent in some pictures and the list of preachers but she was not able to send the pictures she took Friday night. We will get them up later if possible.


       Dryden Road Pentecostal Church 
               Indoor 2017 August 22-25

           Tuesday August 22nd

Bro. Randy Webb
Ecclesiastes 7:16-18
"Why Shouldest Thou Die Before Thy Time"

      Wednesday August 23rd 2017


Bro Dwain Galiher 
Deuteronomy 29:29
"Stop Stumbling Over The Secrets and Rejoice In The Revelations"

Bro Brent Gabbard 
Acts 4:7-17
"The Star Witness" 

Bro. Lloyd Cheek 
Daniel 5:17-27
"Glorifying God"


Bro. Zach Coffman 
Acts 16:16
"Spirit of the Python" 

Bro. Randy Webb 
Matthew 6:28-33
"We Can Do Better Than That"

          Thursday August 24th 2017


Bro. Dwain Galiher 
Romans 8:1-16
"The Spirit Of Life"

Bro. Bill Finley 
Romans 8:26-27


Bro. Ronnie Napier 

Bro. Darren Cunnigan 


Bro. Randy Webb
Gen 4:1-3
"In The Process Of Time"

              Friday August 25th 2017

Bro. Dwain Galiher 
Matthew 24:4-6, 12-13
"Don'ts For The Last Days"

Bro. John Gabbard 
Psalms 11:3

Bro. Chris Whiffen testified 


Bro. Randy Webb
Acts 3
Don't Look Away

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