Monday, August 28, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #36


Odie's phone started crashing after church Friday night and has not recovered. If you are used to hearing from Odie and have not heard anything the last few days, now you know why. She may start writing letters and that is probably a good thing. Although it seems a waste to buy paper, pen, envelope and pay $.50 for a stamp to ask you, "?4u uok? cu l8r k? :)"


We posted lots of pictures last week from campmeeting at Dryden Rd. You can see the links to those pictures HERE

I did not say much about the house last week but there was a lot going on. I was there Thursday and Friday mornings and Kelly Jo's Dad was there painting nearly every day. He was able to complete quite a bit of work without us there to hinder him!

The kitchen cabinets have their finish colors on now and it looks good!

They will need one more coat.

He also began finish coating the cabinet doors.

Watching Danny's progress is exciting. He is bringing it all together. 

Friday the siding was delivered. That is exciting too.

Beautiful Weekend!

We have several friends in Texas that are being slammed by the rain from Hurricane Harvey. The pictures coming out of there are horrendous. We have been asking God to help all the folks in south Texas and we will continue to do so.

Meanwhile, the weather in Ohio was good enough to make us feel guilty. I would say the temperatures were as close to perfect as they can get in southern Ohio and southern Indiana. Wow! What a beautiful weekend for us!

Weekend in Metamora 

We left Dryden Rd. Saturday morning and we were setting up our sound equipment shortly after 9:00 at the Old School Park in Metamora, Indiana. We had all of our equipment on hand and a lot of areas to saturate with sound but we finally got it going.

We also took the Honda generator for power for the sound and it performed flawlessly and with nearly no noise. The Honda was on the other side of the Green Machine in the picture below and you could not hear it running under the pavilion.

As you can see in the picture above and below, Bro. Carmin and Bro. Michael from Dryden Rd. rounded out our band Saturday. It was a joy to have them join us! They are awesome musicians and add so much to our sound.

Pastor Rader told me they had between 325 and 350 people attend the event at some point in the afternoon. That is tremendous for a small church reaching out to their community. We were thrilled to be a part of it

The Jones family from Ohio sang in the afternoon.

And the Hignight family sang as well.

Our long time friend from Georgia, Sis. Teresa Tinsley, was visiting her son and we coerced her into singing a few songs too!

We capped the day off with a church service. It was awesome to feel God reaching for the community. There was powerful conviction present and God moved on several folks. We were thrilled to be there and we appreciate Pastor Jerry Rader and the Haytown Hill Church for inviting us to sing and preach. It was an honor.

Sunday morning we moved 3-4 miles up the hill to the church. We loaded some of our equipment inside and started all over again. 

We had a wonderful service and a really, really good altar service. We praise God again for his help!

We enjoyed a time of fellowship with food after church and then we loaded everything up and began to make our way toward home.

We enjoyed our weekend with old friends and made a bunch of new friends along the way.

We stopped to top off the diesel tank on the BoggsMobile a few miles from home and then we headed toward the barn.

After we arrived, Kelly Jo backed into the barn like a professional (except she did not hit anything) and then we spent about an hour loading, sorting and shuffling sound equipment. It was all part of a days work in the Gospel and what a great day it was.

That brings you up to date on the weekend. God bless you all.


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