Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Metamora Old Gospel Celebration - August 26, 2017

We traveled Monday evening and Tuesday after church. We arrived at the barn a few minutes ago. We will work on the house Wednesday and begin revival tonight at Dodds. Tomorrow I will have pictures and more from the last two nights.

Metamora Old Gospel Celebration - August 26, 2017

Bro. Jerry Rader is now pastoring the Haytown Hill Church near Matamora, Indiana and he called me recently about us taking part in a community outreach day in Metamora. I thought it over for about two seconds.

What is not to love? Metamora is a cool town, the church is trying to reach unchurched people and we could work it so that we were available.

Count us in!

Pastor Rader and his folks had to organize the event rather quickly but it has come together nicely. They are going to have food, activities for the children, food, singing, food and I will throw in some outreach preaching. You can never know how many folks will respond to an event like this but it should be a great day.

Here are some of the particulars taken from the flyer for the event.

Metamora Old Gospel Celebration
Saturday August 26th
Old Metamora School Yard
Metamora, Indiana
Sponsored by Haytown Hill Pentecostal Church of God
Pastor Jerry Rader
Featuring Ministry by the Boggs Family
Serving Food from 2pm-5pm
Pulled Pork, Hotdogs, Hamburgers, Chips, Drinks and Desserts
Bring your own lawn chairs

Yep, that sounds like a great day!

August 26th is the day after Dryden Rd. Fellowship Meeting ends. We will take the bus over to Metamora as early as possible and set up all of our City Reach sound equipment. We will try to do sound check at noon and have everything on our end ready to go in plenty of time.

There will be others singing and playing music while the food is being served and we will sing some during that time as well. Then we will ease into an outreach service and we will sing and go fishing for the precious souls of men.

Please consider coming to Metamora, Indiana that day and spending the day with us. I love that Pastor Rader and the Haytown Hill church are trying to reach their community and I would love to give them a big hand of support.

We will also stay over and sing and preach Sunday morning at Haytown Hill Church. That should make for a full and fun weekend.

Thank you for reading today.


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