Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Bad Apple?

It is no secret that we like our iPhones in this family. I traded in my beloved Motorola Razor phone less than one year after the first iPhone hit the market. I had a rocky start with the iPhone. I was pretty much overwhelmed by the smart phone world and I told Kelly Jo to take it back after two days.

She learned how to use it instead of taking it back and then she taught me. That is pretty much the story of our marriage! The rest is history and I have been attached to the iPhone since that day.

Having a smart phone makes life on the road much more convenient and easier to navigate. Taking pictures, communicating with friends and family, taking care of business matters, actually navigating streets, finding locations, looking up information and a thousand other things are all possible because of a little iPhone.

Odie went the touch screen Blackberry direction for her first smart phone for a year or two. She went through four bad phones in one year and then tried an Android for a year.

She finally joined the the iPhone bandwagon and never looked back. Kelly Jo got her first iPhone about a year before Odie and has been using one every since.

In March of 2012 Odie bought each of us an iPad and we have used them a bunch!

I do have one complaint about Apple products. Like a lot of other modern gadgets, it seems that the iPhone has a built in shelf life. It is like some one programs my phone to only last 2 years, 11 months, 23 days, 6 hours and 17 minutes. Then it goes poof!

Either that or there is someone at Apple that randomly pulls up serial numbers of all the multiplied millions of iPhones, iPads and iPods and aimlessly hits the kill switch on two or three different ones every minute. Ouch!

I do not like to change phones. I do not like to upgrade software a couple of times each year and I do not like to upgrade phones every two years. I usually keep a phone until it is so old that it will not run the majority of the apps I need to run.

Are they forcing me into newer, bigger and better phones? I do not know, but we have made too many trips to the Apple hospital lately.

I have had my current phone about 25 months. I had problems with the charging port a month or so ago and had it repaired.

Odie has had her current phone 22 months. She had a broken screen replaced a couple of months ago. Friday night after church at Dryden Rd. Odie's phone died suddenly. She tried all the usual and unusual tricks to get it going but to no avail. Tuesday she had an appointment at the Apple store and they were able to revive it but she did lose all her information.

She had most of her apps and such backed up but she lost all the pictures she had taken Friday at Campmeeting. That was a little disappointing but she is glad the phone is going to live another day.

Kelly's iPad crashed a week or two ago and she took it to the same appointment. Unfortunately the Apple doctor was unsuccessful and the iPad was pronounced dead on arrival. Kelly Jo had tons of songs on her iPad and she did not have them backed up recently. That is bad!😭

Either the clock ran out, an employee hit the kill switch or it was a bad apple!

The jury is still out but I have my suspicions.😊

Do your phones have a shelf life? Thank you for reading today.


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