Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Little More Forward Motion

My personal work load was not difficult yesterday but I am wore out from watching Bro. Jimmie set tile in the shower and John work his magic with drywall mud. Both these guys put a bunch of muscle, brains and determination into their tasks Wednesday and it shows!

This picture of these two beautiful ladies shows some of the drywall progress behind them.

If the mud has dried well overnight, John plans to put on another coat today and sand it Friday. That is exciting!

The shower looks absolutely fantastic and Bro. Jimmie will probably get it grouted today and then finish the floor as well. I am looking forward to showing you pictures from that whole process. The finished product is going to look great!

Kelly Jo and Odie did a super job picking out materials and envisioning the end result. Bro. Jimmie is doing a super job making their vision a reality.

We all made a trip to Lowe's for grout and this is the scene that greeted us when we walked outside.

That is a pretty good ending to a pretty good day.

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