Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Revival In Pictures - Dodds

Monday was a work day on the house. Kelly Jo was sanding and I was working on the corner bench. We both were mainly helping her Dad any way we could as he was spraying a coat of primer on the cabinet doors and priming the rest of the cabinets.

We did go out and sit in the shade while the eclipse was going on but it was not all that exciting. I make my own eclipse. People have been calling me Eclipse for years since I block out the sun every time I walk between them and the sun!

We quit working about 5:00 because we needed to get a bunch of book work completed. It took us 4+ hours but we finally wrapped it up. Whew!

We have a Revival In Pictures post for you today with pictures from the three night revival at Dodds last week and the Homecoming on Sunday. We had a great revival and we want to share it with you in pictures. I hope you enjoy.

Mom and Theresa giving the HEE HAW salute while standing in the corn planted in the flower bed at Acapulco. 😍

Homecoming Sunday

We will have lots of pictures from Fellowship Meeting this week at Dryden Rd. The meeting begins tonight so the pictures will begin tomorrow morning.

Thank you for dropping in.


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