Monday, August 7, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #33

It was been a great weekend with work on the house, time with family and friends and two great services to kick off revival at Anchor of Hope near Lebanon, Ohio.

I will have more posts later about progress on the house over the weekend, but here are a few pictures from some of it. 

John Mattox finished sanding the drywall Friday and headed back to Kentucky.

After Jimmie finished setting most of the tile, he hung and secured the metal door in the safe room. I want to write more about that but here is one picture of it.

Kelly Jo, Mom, Lisa and Odie worked on clean up from the drywall finishing that evening. They scraped mud, swept and carried scraps until it looked way better.

Jimmie's trailer was nearly full of cabinets and interior doors that he brought from Oklahoma. I need two more posts to tell you all about that. We needed to get him unloaded so he pulled up to the house Friday evening and we unloaded all of that into the garage.

My nephew Isaac and our neighbor Wyatt helped with the bigger pieces.

The cabinets are so beautiful and Odie is very happy with them!

We will have to carry the pieces to the proper rooms in the house later but the carrying from the garage is a whole lot better than carrying from the barn.

Jimmie finished up a few more tasks Saturday morning and shortly after lunch it was time for him to drive west toward Oklahoma.

It was a sad, sad day.

He made it home safely Sunday evening. I am glad he made it but I asked him if it was too late to turn around!

Saturday evening we took our sound equipment to Anchor of Hope in the BoggsMobile. We could have loaded the equipment in the Green Machine but it would have meant double handling everything. Plus the bus had not been driven in 10 days and it needed to run. 

Steve, Karen and Deidre met us at the church while we were doing sound check and then we grabbed a bite to eat with them. The helped us get backed into the drive and into the barn after dark. It was nice to spend time with them without hammers or brooms in our hands.😁

Sunday morning we began revival at Anchor and enjoyed both services. We will have more pictures and more about the services but here are a few pictures now.

That pretty much wraps up the weekend. We will be working on the house during the day and preaching revival at night. Come be with us if you can. We would love to have you.

Thanks for spending a few moments of your Monday with us.


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