Thursday, June 1, 2017

Trusses and More Trusses

We appreciate all that have worked hard to bring the house to this point. We also appreciate the friends, family and neighbors that have stopped in to cheer us on in the effort. Some of them have driven a long way to be an encouragement to us and it worked. Some of their pictures are included below.

Here are a couple of the great framers with Odie.
This is Josh and Joe Hall. Joe and Odie swapped hats!

I finally pulled all of the pictures together and realized there are probably more house pictures in this post than is allowable by law! Hopefully they the law will let us slide by since we mean no harm.

Most of these pictures are from setting the trusses and putting on OSB on Saturday and then finishing the tops of the trusses and sheeting on Monday. Bro. Larry Hall and his men worked so hard along with Bro. Wade Hicks and Bro. Steven from his church, Bro. Dan Bragg from Richmond, Indiana, my brother Steve, my Dad and my nephew Isaac.

Of course you know that Kelly Jo has been hard at work and my mom and cousin Lisa were working hard too. It has been a group effort and it is beginning to take shape.

These pictures come from various cameras and angles and there is now way I can put them all in order. They came from Kelly Jo, Odie, Lisa, Steve and me. I will just throw them out there and hope you enjoy them. It is very exciting for it to be coming together.

The crane set all of the trusses in about 2 1/2 hours. It was probably the best money we have spent the whole time!

There is the first truss!

Some people are always working no matter when you take their picture.

Thank you very much for reading today. I hope your eyes are not sore!



  1. My eyes are very happy to be seeing this wonderful work, keep up the great work, YO_Frankie.
    psst - Take that hammer away from Kelly Dear before she hurts her fingers & won't be able to play the piano...

    Frankie Shiflett

    1. Thank you, Bro. Frankie!

      I tell Kelly Jo all the time that if her hands are injured I will be out of business!


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