Friday, June 9, 2017

Green Machines and Gold Rims

Kelly Jo's Dad and Mom have an old jeep that used to belong to KJ's niece, Kayla. They brought it to so that we would not be limited to one car while we are here working on the house. It has been a huge help to us. We often need to run different directions and now we can. I sure was tired of walking.😁

The other day the jeep was parked in the drive by the house and the Green Machine was parked near it. That is when I noticed we had a "thing" going on here.

Here is the Green Machine.

The Green Machine is obviously green and it has gold rims that were added after we purchased it over 5 years ago. The after market rims that were on it when we bought it were sporty and nice looking but they were 17" rims and the tires were extremely low profile.

The wide, low profile tires caused the car to ride like a buckboard wagon and would not go in snow at all.

I determined the low profile tires and the 17" rims had to go. The only problem with that decision was that Kelly Jo liked the sporty looking rims. We made a deal. I would sell the rims and tires, find a good selection of new appropriately sized rims and let KJ make the final choice of which rims to buy.

The gold rims captured her little heart and that is how we ended up with a Green Machine with gold rims. I like her taste and I think she made a great choice.

That brings me to the jeep we are using for the moment.

Here it is.

Yep! It is green with gold rims! Is there DNA that determines a persons preference for green cars and gold rims. I believe there must be and it must be strong in the Morgan family!

Long time readers may remember the first vehicle that we towed behind the BoggsMobile, Mr. Cheap Jeep. It was white but it had gold rims!

It is interesting to say the least. What do you think?

Thank you for stopping in today.


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