Tuesday, June 13, 2017

On The Road Again Newsletter - June 2017

Odie's "On The Road Again" Newsletter is going out to churches in the mail today. Because you stop in here each day, you get to read it first. 

The Newsletter is two sided this month with more pictures than normal so that churches can see the progress on the house. I will post pictures of each side and post the contents of the newsletter separately as well. 

Either Blogger or the internet is giving me trouble and I am having trouble loading the proper pictures in the correct order. Ugh! I do have most of the pictures from the newsletter below but they are all out of order.

I will post the text first.


Exiting Work in Progress

Hey Friends, I hope you are doing well. We are doing very good. It has been a full spring for us. Lots of traveling, a terrific month in Hodgenville, KY and many great services. It has been wonderful to see God move! Also there has been a "little bit" of a project going on at "The Lazy OD Ranch". It is definitely an exciting time at the Boggs Family Ministries head-quarters.

Here is a little recap. Pastor Scott Morris and a lot of our friends from around the world have joined to together to build a house for my future. It will be handicap accessible, designed to meet my needs. I love traveling and working with my parents and plan to do so as long as we are all able, according to God's will.
The first shovel of dirt was dug on April 16th. It was a race after that. Here is a list of things completed over the next month: dirt work, gravel brought in, footers poured, block laid, underground plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and the slab poured on May 17th.
On May 23rd the framing of the house began. It was an amazing sight to behold, watching the house quickly take shape. Bro. Larry Hall brought his framing crew including his brother Joe and nephew Josh. They worked at a greatly reduced rate, some for free, and made this project happen. Pastor Wade Hicks played a huge role in this.
Bro. Scott Morris and Bro. Sheldon Walley drove all the way from Richton, Mississippi to help in the framing. We also had people from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Mississippi here working. I am overwhelmed when I think about all the HARD labor that is going into this project. We even had our friend Bro. Shobanke from Nigeria to cheer us on for a few days.
Currently my Dad and my Pappaw Eugene are working hard on the electrical part of the construction and Bro. Galen Cummins in Sapulpa, OK is designing all the cabinets. It is exciting to behold his designs that will make things accessible for me.
We are happy and thrilled to report that everything is paid for to this point. We give God glory and God's people thanks for making this possible. I sincerely appreciate it all from the bottom of my heart.
We still have lots of work ahead of us this summer. Everyday we are working on something. We will keep you informed on the progress. You can always see our daily posts at www.boggsblogs.com. Please keep us in your prayers!
Well, the engine is not starting today, but I had better get back to work until the BoggsMobile rolls again.


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