Wednesday, June 28, 2017

House Update 6/28/2017

When I posted two blogs on Monday, I had no plans to miss blogging Tuesday. I guess I could say, "That is how the cookie crumbles" but since I have had no cookies to speak of in a few years, I am not even sure it is legal for me to say that.

Monday's blogs are HERE and HERE.

Tuesday was a long and productive work day on the house. After doing some measuring inside the house, I went to Waynesville Lumber to check on some plywood and to ask some questions. I forgot two of the most important questions but I knew I would be back there later in the day.

The plumber passed his 2nd rough in inspection about 10:00 and we  are thrilled with that. Once he was gone, I went to get Dad's truck. I went to two different Home Depot stores in order to buy 38 sheets of 1/2" B/C plywood. They call it 15/32" plywood now, but what is 1/32 of an inch among friends?

I brought it back to the house and Kelly Jo help me put it inside. 

She then helped me load some extra material in the truck that had to go back to Waynesville Lumber. I remembered to ask one of my questions but I forgot the second one again!

About 4:00 Steve and I began ripping all 38 sheets of plywood. We made four rips on each sheet for five pieces per sheet.

We set the scaffolding walk board to the right height to catch the plywood for each rip. Between that and Steve's help, the job went pretty smooth.

My phone battery died and was on the charger while we were working so I failed to get any pictures of Steve until we were finished. Gary Coffman pulled up with a tractor so I captured a picture of Steve next to it.

I had about an hour of daylight left so I gave the yard a quick mowing. During the last bit of mowing it was pretty dark so it will be interesting to see how the grass looks in the light of day.

Today I have to do some routing on every board we ripped. Any ideas what we need 190 boards for?

The metal for the roof is supposed to be delivered by noon today, but it gets better than that. Bro. Mitch Boggs Jr. and Bro. Jason Fellers and their families are supposed to arrive later today as well! 

We are anxious to see them all. WE love these dear friends and we are excited to see them. They will be putting the roof on the house and that is very exciting too!

When are you coming to see us?

Thanks for reading today.



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