Saturday, June 24, 2017

Musication Nation 2017

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in from the road. We are looking forward to seeing all of our friends in Bristol, Virginia tomorrow. It will be good to be with Pastor David Horton, Bro. Mike Switzer, their families and the congregation at Grace. We are anticipating great services. 

The BoggsMobile cranked up Thursday afternoon and left Ohio for the weekend. We traveled about 440 miles through rain and curvy, mountainous terrain and by bed time we had reached Franklin, North Carolina. I was thrilled to be in Franklin for one day of the 2nd Annual Musication Nation hosted by the Isaacs. It is a two day event with workshops during the day and concerts at night.

Friday was  packed full of exciting happenings!

It started with morning devotions full of great testimonies and great songs. It was really good and I enjoyed it very much.

After a short break it was time for a Sound Workshop hosted by Ben Isaacs and Mark Capps. It was an informative hour about recording and doing live sound. Ben and Mark have been an amazing help to us over the years, helping us with our recordings and sound. They are two of the most talented people I know and I am privileged to call them my friends. 

After a lunch break it was time for a cooking class with Teays Valley. Teays Valley is a sponsor of the Isaacs. Check them out here. The Isaacs wrote a jingle for the company you can see here.

 Mark Lowry joined in the fun. 

Baby Evya made an appearance. 

Ben got a surprise pie in the face. 

Then Ben shared some of it with me!

Then they had a little picking in the cooking class. 

The next session  was "Stories Behind the Songs" with Sonya and Becky. They shared insight about songwriting and some stories behind their works of art. It truly is amazing how they write incredible songs. 

Mark Lowry again joined in.  He penned the lyrics to Mary Did You Know and told much of the story behind it. 

The Isaacs friend Daniel added some harmony to a few songs.

The evening concert featured the Isaacs with special guest Mark Lowry. The singing was absolutely awesome! I laughed until I cried. I am so thankful we got to be there. It was so good from beginning to end. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Isaacs!

Mark Lowry

After intermission The Isaacs and Mark joined forces. 

I loved getting to see fellow Isaacs enthusiasts. I met these sweet people last fall at a concert in South Carolina. It was great to visit with them again. 

Although we only spent one day here and a few hours this morning, I have loved every minute of it. I appreciate my parents for making it happen. They have put many long, hard hours into building the house and the first partial free day that came along, they loaded me up and took me to a special place! Thank you Mom and Dad!

I hope you enjoyed this peek into Musication Nation 2017. Have a fantastic weekend. 


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