Monday, June 26, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #26, June 26, 2017

One day last week Kelly Jo and Odie drove to Hillsboro to see Kelly Jo's parents. We missed posting the few pictures they took so we are including them in the Woundup and Weview post.

Danny is at his happiest with a bowl of ice cream!

Of course, having his girls around helps too!

The Weekend

Once the plumber left Thursday there was not much to do on the house front, so we pulled the bus out of the barn and hit the road. We have been scheduled to be in Bristol, Virginia Sunday June 25th for quite a while but I wanted to surprise Odie and take her to the Isaacs event on Friday.

I was not sure I could get it done until things fell together on Thursday. When everything tumbled into place we cranked the BoggsMobile and rolled the wheels. We left in time for bad traffic in Cincinnati and then ran smack into heavy rain.

Even though we drove in rain and traffic most of the way, it was good to be in the driver's seat again. We had never been to Franklin, North Carolina before. There is no good road to take a car to Franklin, much less a bus. However, the drive is beautiful and the town is beautiful once you arrive.

We did not behold the beauty going in since it was dark and raining cats and dogs, but Friday was a gorgeous day!

The Smoky Mountain Center For The Performing Arts is an awesome venue with great seats and great sound.

The BoggsMobile was nice and clean when we left the barn but after a few hundred miles in the rain, not so much.

Odie told you about the workshops in her Saturday post but I will highlight the sound workshop. It was fantastic and I picked up some great information from Ben Isaacs and Mark Capps.

All the rest was very good too. We really enjoyed the whole day as well as the concert Friday night.

I slept pretty good Friday night too. That was worth the drive right there!

Saturday we stayed for the morning devotional service and it turned into a prayer line and emotional healing service. Aunt Lily testified about fear and the way it can control your life. She told quite a bit about her parents experience surviving the Holocaust and the nearly unavoidable ripple effects of that.

Faith is the only answer to fear and she made that point well in her personal testimony.

She asked me to finish it up and bring the people in for prayer. God moved deeply in some lives and I am thankful for that.

We needed to leave pretty quickly after that, but it was hard to drag Odie away from Sonya's new baby girl. Look at that smile.

We pulled out about noon and made our way back over the mountains to I-40. Instead of turning west, we followed I-40 east to Asheville. We have been over this road many, many times but then we joined an interstate section that I can never remember driving.

We have been on I-26. In fact we were on a section of it last November. However, I do not remember ever driving from Asheville north to I-81 in Tennessee. It has some very steep uphill AND downhill grades but it was beautiful!

We arrived in Bristol, Virginia in time to visit with Bro. Mike and Sis. Tonya Switzer and watch some of the young folks play wiffle ball at the park.

It is so good to be with our friends again. The Horton's and the Switzer's have been so good to us through the years and we enjoy their friendship so very much. It is always a joy to be here and Sunday was no exception.

The Sunday School lesson was awesome. Bro. Switzer did not get to finish it so I may have to drive back down next week for part two.😀

The whole congregation responded great to our singing and the preaching. It was wonderful again to watch folks respond to the preaching and then watch God respond to them! We had great altar service both Sunday morning and Sunday evening.

After church Sunday night we cranked the BoggsMobile and headed toward the Ranch. The drive was pleasant and without out incident except for a construction slow down east of Knoxville. We lost 25-30 minutes in a 4-7 mile stretch!

Later we stopped briefly at a rest area in northern Kentucky and to fill up with fuel at Flying J about 10 miles from the barn. We pulled in about 5:10 AM after 408 miles and closed out  a long but very blessed weekend!

Hopefully the plumber will be here in a few hours so I am going to get a little rest until then.

Thank you for stopping in today.


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