Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Schedule Change

I have had connectivity issues last night and this morning. I was trying to put up pictures of the house progress but could not stay hooked up long enough for the pictures to publish properly. It seems to be working better now but I must be on to other things. I will try to get them up tomorrow.

Thanks for the texts and emails concerning several of last week's posts, especially Friday's post. Many of you had me weeping with joy. Thank you very much.

I mentioned Saturday that we have a change in our schedule next week. We are scheduled to preach a youth rally for Pastor Randy Brown in Sharonville, Ohio on Friday June 2nd and then begin revival. It is always good to get to be in Sharonville and we are looking forward to it.

We had originally planned revival through the following Friday June 9th. Bro. Brown called this week and needed to adjust the schedule to close on Wednesday June 7th. He has an important event to attend and I completely understand.

So we will preach youth rally on June 2nd and then stay until Wednesday June 7th. If you are any where near Cincinnati or northern Kentucky please make plans to come see us that week.

Bro. Randy and I went to school together in Waynesville. He is a long time friend from way before either of us became Christians. We were both raised in Pentecostal churches and both of us ended up called to preach, probably to much surprise to many in those churches! It is a special privileged to preach for him and his folks in Sharonville. They always have good services.

Speaking of schedule, our itinerary will probably be pretty sketchy all summer. We are trying to preach two or three revivals each month during this summer that are close enough to the barn that we can drive back and forth. That should give us some time to work on the house each day.

We will be making several weekend trips out of state to preach and some of them will necessarily be last minute in nature. I will try to keep you posted as things develop.

We really appreciate all of the Pastors and churches within driving distance of home that have asked us to come this summer. That is a huge encouragement. It is a wonderful blessing to be able to preach and sing right here in our home area. May God bless you, my brothers.

Thanks for stopping in today.


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