Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Another Helping Hand From Mississippi

This week we have had some extra help working on the house. Bro. Marty and Sis. Alicia Estes from Mississippi brought their four children to Ohio and spent some of their vacation helping us. They were an incredible blessing!

They arrived in the night Sunday night and Bro. Marty showed up at the house about 8:00 AM and worked like a mule helping any way he could. He ran wire, walked rafters, climbed ladders, moved scaffolding, fetched tools and a thousand other things over two days. He worked a full day on Tuesday and a very full day on Monday.

We did have a little time Monday evening to take them for a sip or two of salsa. Steve, Karen and Deidre met us at Acapulco too.

Steve hit it off with the kids and before you knew it they were at his house petting chickens.

Bro. and Sis. Estes called several weeks ago and told us their intentions to help for a couple of days. I could not predict exactly where we would be in the building process on their proposed dates but their timing worked out perfectly. It was super great to have them and their gift of labor was a wonderful blessing to our family.

They need to move on south this morning but they drove over an hour last night to be with us on the first night of revival at Pentecostal Faith Church in New Miami. We met these friends years ago in church so it was only fitting that we were in church together again before they left.

May God bless these dear friends for sowing into our lives. We are definitely the better for it!

This is the second batch of workers from Mississippi as well as volunteers from Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. There are more on the way and we are looking forward to seeing them all.

Thank you for kindly dropping in today.


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  1. It is great to see the progress of the house.
    Thanks for posting all the pics.
    See you down the road.


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