Friday, June 2, 2017

Church, House and Comments

Life continues on in the same pattern the last two days. I have been working on the house during the day and going to church at night. I have been piddling with odds and ends on the house plus preparing for the electrical with Dad. We also laid out the cabinet pattern with a chalk line. The layout will work fine! It was neat to watch Odie navigate through the big openings in her power chair.

Bro. Gary Lee found a roofer to felt the roof last night. It was finished when we arrived home after church and I am anxious for the sun to rise so I can get a picture. That clears the way for us to begin on the inside in earnest!

Dryden Rd. had a great service Tuesday night so Bro. Bennie schedule service Wednesday night to go along with the regularly scheduled Thursday night service. We attended both nights and it was outstanding. Bro. JR Alexander was supposed to preach both nights and he did great as usual even though he did not even get the microphone Wednesday night. It was all really good.

For some reason I only have one picture on my phone from Dryden and it is from last week. It will have to do until Odie sends some in.

This is beautiful little Hadassah (I will have to check on the spelling) Thompson. This is the first time I have held her.

I have had several questions about comments on the blog lately. We love comments and we welcome all the interaction you will give us. We like to here that you are reading and enjoying.

About 100 folks follow the blog by email. You can do that from the "desktop" view of the blog. It is up in the right hand corner. It says "Follow by Email". There are a few steps to go through and then you will receive an email each night if we post that day.

The email will have the text and pictures from that day's blog and it will also have a link to the blog. I captured a screen shot from an email recently. You email will look something like this.

You can read the whole blog each night without ever visiting the blog. That is fine and that is what a lot of people do. Some of you have tried to comment from that email by replying to the email and those comments do not come through. I do not receive those replies at all and do not know where they go. They are probably contributing to the the massive amount of trash in the oceans and some of them are just now washing up on the shore of some previously pristine tropical paradise in the south Pacific.

If you want to leave a comment, you must click on the link in the email and visit the actual blog. The link is blue and highlighted in the email I receive. You will see a place to comment at the bottom of each blog. You write your comment, choose how you want to be identified and then do whatever it asks you to do to prove you are not a spammer.

Then we receive an email and approve your comment. That is it! Now comment away! We really do appreciate your feedback.

Thanks for stopping in today!


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