Friday, June 23, 2017

A Few Grins

We are busy today so I thought I would pass on a few funny things I have posted before. Some things are worth repeating. 

The first is something I saw on a Hiking t-shirt a while back. I know that most people would not think of asking me for Hiking Advice, but this really is a very helpful piece of information for hiking in remote locations...

"Bring a compass... It is always awkward when you get lost and have to eat your friends"

Of course, if you are hiking with me and we get lost enough to resort to cannibalism, the person with me is probably going to live long enough to be rescued!

That reminds me of something my dear friend Bro. John Gabbard told me right before Kelly Jo, Odie and I went to Nigeria, West Africa the first time in 2007.

Bro. Gabbard said, "Davy, if you fall into the hands of cannibals over there, you will be a blessing to hundreds of people at the end of your life!"


I am thankful for lots of friends. I could not stand enemies that treat me worse than friends.😀

Since I am picking on us fat people, here is a great picture.

Y'all be careful out there...Ya here?


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