Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Gift That Lasted Years

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in again from Hodgenville, Kentucky. Our second full week here was action packed. The Music and Ministry Month continues. It has been a lot of fun. We are getting better acquainted with people and making new friends in the process. I am enjoying our time here greatly. It is an extreme privilege to work along side Pastor David and Sis Genell Webb. 


You may remember me writing of my appreciation of the Webb Family last year. This is an amazing Godly family and I count it an honor to call them my friends. You can click HERE to read the post about the Webb's in January 2016. My admiration and respect for this family continues to grow. 

Thank you Bro. David and Sis. Genell for inviting our family to be apart of this special month at HPC. I am thankful that you allowed me to tag along with my parents. I love you all and the wonderful people of HPC!

A Great Gift
As I am typing this I am listening to Enlighten on XM Radio. I love XM radio. I know today there are many avenues to hear your favorite music and programs. I enjoy several different ways of listening to music. I still listen to CDs, I download songs and podcasts to my devices, and when I have wifi I listen to Singing News Radio, formally Solid Gospel Radio. You may live in an area where you have a local southern gospel station. I encourage you to listen to those stations too. 

I received my first XM Radio for my 18th birthday from my parents. It is close to the top of my all time favorite gifts I have ever received. Thank you again, Dad and Mom. I have been an XM subscriber all this time. I was in the first million subscribers. For me this is a gift that has lasted for years. Many weeks I am busy and do not get to listen very much. But I like the times I get to listen a lot.

I have been a radio junkie since I was a little bitty girl. I have spent many, many hours listening to radio and calling in to answer questions and win prizes. When we started traveling it was difficult to tune in radio stations a lot of places we went. XM was a great addition! I can get the same stations from Coast to Coast. It is worth the money to me. 

The best change to XM since I have been listening was the addition of 24/7 southern Gospel on Enlighten. I requested a southern gospel channel for a long time. I know I was not alone in this endeavor. 

Several years ago it looked like they would pull Enlighten from their channel line up. Many people called and wrote XM begging for them to keep Enlighten. We were down to the wire when they announced their decision to keep the channel. I am so glad they changed their minds!

I have 3 favorite XM Channels. You can click on the channel names for information on my favorite channels. Enlighten, Radio Classics, and Fox News

Enlighten is Channel 65, Radio Classics is channel 148, and Fox News is channel 114. If you you need more information on XM Radio click here. I know many of you probably have XM in your cars. It is a great thing to have for road trips!

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. 


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