Friday, May 19, 2017

This Week In Pictures - Week #4 HPC

It is incredible that another week has flown by AND that this is the fourth and final week for this visit to HPC. This whole experience has been a blessing to our family. We have learned, we have taught, we have ministered and we have been ministered to.

We are extremely thankful for Pastor David Webb's invitation to be here these four weeks and his vision for us to pour into his people. We have done our best to rise up to his challenge and we have enjoyed every minute of it. 

We came to do our utmost to edify Pastor Webb and the brothers and sisters of Hodgenville Pentecostal Church, yet this last week is winding down with us feeling like we have been on the receiving end of the edification. They have poured into us and we are departing this time with an immense appreciation of this Pastor and this church.

This is a picture post so let us get to a a boat load of pictures from this past week. I will have a few more words to say near the end.

I spent Thursday in Ohio and this is a little token of my visit there. 

Odie's name is forever inscribed on the garage floor of the house we are building for her to live in. I will have many more pictures from the house next week.

Pastor Mike Metzger sent me these two pictures early Wednesday morning. They had received about 5 inches of heavy wet snow that morning and more was falling. This was May 17, 2017 near Florence, Montana.

He sent me these two a little later in the morning. The first one is their drive and house.

This is the road out to the main road.

That is beautiful, amazing and makes me glad Not to be in Montana this week! We are looking forward to being there later this year by God's grace and will.

Thank you for stopping in a sitting a spell with us today.


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