Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Memorable Memorial Day

Monday was a big house day and I will try to pull all the pictures together this evening for posting tomorrow. We are excited about the progress.

We also spent a couple hours with my family celebrating Memorial Day and my Dad's 74th birthday which was Sunday. We got together at Dad's barn for a meal and fellowship. I think we all had a good time.

This is the first Memorial Day that we have been home in quite a while. I know we were home for it seven years ago but I do not know about the years since then. I would have to go back over our calendars. It has been a while, that is for sure. It was nice to be home.

Memorial Day or Decoration Day as it was first known is a pretty big event at our local cemetery. They go all out and really do it up right. We have many, many, many immediate family members and extended family members buried in the Miami Cemetery. Kelly Jo's extended family has been involved in running and maintaining the cemetery for well over 30 years. They do a good job and it looks better than ever.

We did not attend the official ceremony Monday morning but we did drive through in the late afternoon. We stopped a few minutes where several from the Boggs side of our family are buried including our Ali.

We own several plots there so we decided to find our places and try them out for size. 

I thought it was downright peaceful.

I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day. Thank you for stopping in to read the blog today. Tomorrow we should have a bunch of pictures.



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