Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Great Week

Before I turn the reins over to Odie this morning for her regular Saturday morning adventure, I want to make you aware of a schedule change. I will write more about it later but the revival that is scheduled in Sharonville, Ohio beginning on June 2nd will now close on Wednesday June 7th rather than June 9th.

Heeeeeeeere's Odie!

Hey  Friends,

This is Odie checking in from the Lazy OD Ranch. So many wonderful things have been happening around here this week. My excitement meter is off the charts!  
We are hoping to get the trusses up on the house today and make some more progress. I can not express how happy I am to see this house take shape. There is no way possible for me to thank everyone enough that has already shed blood sweat and tears to make this a reality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I will never forget your labor. 

Dad covered all the progress on the house in Wednesday's post and Thursday's blog. You will find a whole bunch of pictures in those posts. Also yesterday's post from Dad was moving. I needed tissues to get through it. Take a moment to follow the link and read it.

Last night I was able to spend some time with two of my favorite people, my cousins Lisa Isaacs and Jacqueline Coffman. Both ladies are no strangers to the blog. We had a fantastic time visiting and enjoying delicious food. It was a great way to spend Friday evening. 




Mom and I spotted a cow Friday afternoon in a drive-thru Friday afternoon. 


I  love Chick-fil-A's Eat Mor Chikn slogan and their advertising cows. Chick-fil-A is one of my favorite restaurants but I had never crossed paths with their cows in real life. LOL 

Well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I will see you next weekend. Thanks for checking in. I appreciate several comments on the progress of the house. We love hearing from our you all. 


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