Friday, May 5, 2017

This Week In Pictures - Week #2 At HPC

Thank you for the overwhelming response to the posts this week. The posts from yesterday, Wednesday and Tuesday nearly broke our measly records for page views. Thank you for reading and sharing what we write with others.

We are winding down another great week in Hodgenville, Kentucky and we have pictures to prove it has been exciting. The individual and family singing and music sessions during the week have been very good and the service Wednesday night was outstanding.

Wednesday night after church we drove to Ohio. Kelly Jo's mother had surgery Tuesday so Kelly Jo wanted to check on her. While I was tending to house business, KJ and Odie ran to Hillsboro and back to see the Mogans and make sure her Mom was OK.

There was not as much to do with the house as I would have liked since the block layers did not start as promised again. The rain was pouring down when we left Ohio Thursday afternoon so I am not sure if we will stay on schedule or not. Hopefully they will be able to start today.

This is a pictures post so it is time to bring them on. I will start with this neat picture of the Green Machine parked in front of Hometown Pizza. It was daylight when we parked but we parked it in the perfect position to reflect the sign. 

I would let a pizza place wrap the Green Machine in advertisement for a little green in my pocket. I would love to see Krispy Kreme wrap the BoggsMobile!

Now here are some pictures from the rest of the week.

Here are a couple of pictures Kelly Jo took at her Dad and Mom's place in Hillsboro Thursday.

That is our week in pictures. Thank you for stopping in.

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