Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview

It is crazy to think that I am now writing about the 20th weekend of 2017. Someone put this year on fast forward and we are flying through it. I may have to see if I can hit pause and catch my breath.😁

We started the weekend in Ohio and it involved salsa of course! We only went to Acapulco to eat one time but we may have had a few orders of carryout when I was too busy to go personally.

We had a great time one evening with Steve and Karen and Kelly Jo's parents.

There was quite a bit going on at the house  and we were glad to see the progress. I will have more on that later in the week.

David Butler brought Odie a hard hat so that she could supervise properly! I think she looks pretty good!

My Mother and sister stopped by for a few minutes and Dad was already there. The plumber looked up and saw everyone watching and he said, "This house must be a pretty big deal." I said, "Oh, yeah, my daughter is going to be the first person in our family to live inside." Theresa said, "A plumber? What's a plumber?" It was pretty funny.

Friday evening Odie had dinner with some family at Skyline. She enjoyed spending time with cousins Lisa, Geneva and Geneva's husband Mike. 

Mike wanted to make sure he was blogged. LOL

We had a great day of services in Hodgenville Sunday. 

Evangelist Zane Estes taught Sunday School and it was great!

Youth Pastor Andrew Astor preached a great Mother's Day message Sunday morning. He lifted up the Mothers and encouraged us all!

Sunday night was powerful too. God moved during a testimony of healing and I believe that some more probably were healed as a result!

My two brothers and my sister spent the afternoon eating KFC at Dad's barn for Mother's Day. I was absent but my big Mother's Day card made a grand appearance for me!😂

That wraps up our great weekend. I hope to post some more news about the house tomorrow if all goes as planned. If you are reading this Monday morning, pray that all goes well today. If progress is good today then all should be cleared for the slab to be poured this week. We "think" we need that to happen!

Thank you for reading.


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