Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Music And Ministry Month, What A Ride!

We have had lots of questions about our schedule during Music and Ministry Month at Hodgenville Pentecostal Church. Today I will try to explain exactly what we are doing at HPC this month.

Most folks that come here regularly are familiar with our usual schedule during revival. Most weeks we travel on Saturday, have revival services Sunday through Friday and then travel again on Saturday and start the whole process over.

Of course, staying in one place for four weeks is a whole different animal. We were honestly a little intimidated by staying in one place so long and not being in church singing and preaching six nights and seven services a week. We like being in church. We like being in a different place every week. We like revival.

So we knew this we be a big adjustment even though it is a temporary one. We also knew we could make the transition and that it could be an intriguing experience. It has been a fun challenge and we have enjoyed every minute of it.

Having fun does not mean the same thing as goofing off. 😁

Saturdays so far have been spent on group sessions with musicians and singers. These sessions required a lot of preparation and pushed us considerably out of our comfort zones. We have been pleasantly surprised with how great those sessions have been and every minute of preparation has been worth it.

These Saturday sessions could actually be packaged in a two day bundle and presented in a workshop format to a large church or group of churches. We have fielded a few questions about it and we might consider it in the future.

We have been practicing with various ensembles on Saturday nights and then singing during the regular service and the altar services.

During the week we have been doing individual hour long sessions with church folks that have signed up. We help with piano, learning harmony parts, vocal technique, family singing and instrument instruction. Pastor David Webb set it up so that we would do that six hours on Monday, six hours on Tuesday and three hours on Wednesday.

These sessions have been an absolute joy! Each session brings a new challenge for us and each session also brings great satisfaction. We have also had a few sessions with a special visitation of the Holy Ghost. That is always wonderful.

The weekly schedule also includes time for us to go to Ohio on Thursdays and Fridays to keep things rolling on the house. As I mentioned back in February that is icing on the cake for this full wonderful month.

This whole adventure is the vision of Pastor David Webb and it honestly seemed way to big for us when he approached us. In spite of our initial hesitation, it seemed God ordained and we are super glad to be a part of this grand experiment.

This is a fantastic way for us to expand on our second tenet of evangelism, which is to edify, encourage and equip the local church. Out of our comfort zone? Over our heads? Yes to both! But we are buckled up and ready to fly!

Thank you for tuning in today.


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